Collecting Redesigned Traditions

Qollezione is a new fashion label born in South Tyrol, inspired by local traditions and transforming native imaginaries into contemporary clothes.

Qollezione_01 is a capsule collection consisting of five pieces reinterpreting the iconic blue apron of South Tyrolean farmers: the “blauer Schurz”.

Conceived as a garment for the rural life in the fields, the Schurz epytomises a geography and an identity, shaping the collective imaginary of our homeland up to this day. Peculiar to the Schurz is an extremely resistant cotton fabric of an inimitable, electric blue.

Legend has it that every woman living in a South Tyrolean farm, used to embroider her husband’s apron with drawings, symbols and love messages.

Reviving this intimate ritual, the minimal embroideries designed by Studio Typenklang for Qollezione_01, draw on an ancient artisanal practice, engrafting contemporary visions onto the fabric of the past. A collection arising from a strong tradition rich in symbols, decorations and references to the natural world, typical of the South Tyrolean region.